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Blog 29/Sep/2001

Hello. It's been an uncommonly busy week for me, since it has been Freshers' Week at Glasgow Uni, where I am now firmly ensconced and matriculated, amongst other things.

I would say hello to all of the nice people I met this week, but I regrettably don't introduce myself by saying, "I'm Derek Murray, and you can find my website by typing that then into a web browser." Because that would be silly.

Of the stuff that I got into for free, purely by paying £29 for the privilege, I went to see The Reindeer Section, Phil Kay and Space.

The Reindeer Section were good, especially the two pissed Gallagher-brother lookalikes who sang and played the trumpet.

Phil Kay was hilarious, because he was just improvising completely and singing songs about rucksacks.

And Space reminded me why the mid-to-late-nineties were a good time to be alive. They played loads of great songs, most notably, Mr. Psycho, Female of the Species and the redoubtable Neighbourhood.

So, now that the entertainment has petered out, I'll retire to the games room, and try to get more out of the Hangman quiz machine than I put in.








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