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Blog Soppy old fool 4/Jun/2004

Matt writes a touching eulogy for the passing of our third year, and it's moved me to wax lyrical myself.

It's going to be a very different end to a very different year. I've changed a lot in the last twelve months: become a lot more confident, met a lot of new people, sadly lost touch with a few others, and started saying "dude" a lot. In the past, the end of the exams has been an anti-climax, but this time the whole class are going to make it one last big party, before we go our separate ways for the summer.

And what a class: I've made some fantastic friends over the course of this year. I'm not going to name them all, so as not to embarrass, but without them it would have been impossible to get through the year. Some of them I might never meet again; some will be gone for the next year; some I won't see for four long months of summer; and some I'll see every Friday night at the Ikon & Diva in Crawley. So whilst tomorrow will undoubtedly be a merry occasion - after all, we'll just have finished the last of nine arduous exams - it'll be hard not to feel a little wistful about the people I'll miss after we all head home.

But then again, it's only four months, and then we'll be back and getting up to all kinds of crazy hi-jinks.

Until then, dudes,




Cab said:
You guys are making me all watery. I am welling up. :/

Matt said:
Dude, if you hadn't been around, half the lab probably wouldn't have made it to the end of the year. It has indeed rocked pretty goddamn hard.





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