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Blog Social Behaviour 7/Nov/2004

Last month, I was elected to the board of our university's Computing Society, in the position of Social Convenor. People who know me (and, even more so, people who used to know me) will probably find that appointment as bizarre as Martin McGuinness' education portfolio, but such is politics.

Figuring that it was necessary to justify the membership fee, we held our first event on the 28th of October, and what else should it be but a Pub Quiz? It went well (pictures during and afterwards).

Massive thanks go to Neil, Stevie and Stephen (my fellow Social Committee members) for their hard work during the night — without them, it wouldn't have been possible — and Dr. Peter Dickman, for generously contributing one of his trademarked Rounds of Pain.

Would I do it again? Certainly, and we will. But I sure as hell couldn't do it every week.



PS. Unflattering comments about my shirt are subject to summary moderation....






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