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Blog Finals 8/May/2005

So, tonight is the eve of the beginning of my series of eight final examinations (although not my last-ever diet of exams, for reasons that I shall make clear in due course). Clearly, fever pitch has already been attained. Yet it hardly seems a year since I was sitting drunk in Mr. Miller's bedroom, hammering out a sardonic comment on the IS3 exam. So, for old time's sake, we enter a period of two-and-a-half weeks during which I shall Blog The Exams.

Before that starts, let me lay down the ground rules for exam superstition:

  • Lucky pen, the same one used in every exam since Higher Computing prelim in 2000 (excluding that Maths test in 2002 when you lent it to somebody else, hoping that it would lend them the same good luck, but regrettably proving that its magical qualities apply only to the owner)? Check.
  • No shaving before an exam? Check.
  • Same trousers for every exam? Check.
  • Lucky underwear (3 pairs)? Check.

Good, then we can begin.




Qadir said:
Mate, pardon my ignorance in not offering you a lift to the exam today, and then forgetting to do so on the way back...blame Craig for that! Anyway, this is an invite for all other exams we have in common, so you can't say I never asked! Just send us a wee note if you need a lift....

spoonie said:
it shows that either you guys don't study any real subjects, or you have re-fillable pens! i'm getting through one in every 2 exams these days! best of luck tho big guy. x

Steve said:
I too used to have a lucky pen. It broke after 3rd year. My exam results improved in 4th year.

Don't trust your lucky pen.





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