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Blog Graduand 4/Jul/2005

Tomorrow's the big day. To most of you reading, this will come as no surprise, as its your big day too. Come 4pm tomorrow afternoon, we will be singing an apparently-quite-ribald Latin hymn (sample translated lyric: Long live all maidens/ Easy and beautiful) as we welcome the academic procession into the ceremony that marks the culmination of four years' hard toil—in other words, we're graduating.

I've gone on before about the end of University, but this really is it. After tomorrow, most of us cease to be students, and many of us will disappear into the world, whether to work, travel, or even study further. For some of us, we'll carry on seeing each other every day as if graduation had changed nothing; but in many cases it will be several months until we next see each other; and in others it might be years or a lifetime until our paths cross again.

But whilst tomorrow will be tinged with the sadness of departure, it's also a time to celebrate our achievements over the last few years, to be surrounded by the close friends that we have made, and to look forward to whatever the future might bring. So to all of my fellow graduands, good luck—not just in mounting the dais without falling over, but in all of your endeavours.




Kenny Gillen said:
Rock ON mr Mrry; hope you had a great day.

Pam said:
Congratulations !





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