Fallen Bastion

That painfully-familiar template surrounding this blog can mean only one thing. Not that I’ve decided, in a fit of irony, to retrofit the Kubrick template onto my hacked-together CMS; but that I’ve moved to Wordpress.

Back in late 2002, it was a fun idea to knock together a CMS in PHP and MySQL, and throw off the shackles of Blogger. Now, in 2006, and having taken a hiatus of over two months, I think the change to Wordpress will prove a catalyst for the resumption of blogging on this site. Hopefully, anyway.

For the moment, the old posts and content remain in situ, so that I can preserve the old hyperlinks. I’ll eventually create a home page (how 90’s!) that sits at www.mrry.co.uk, and directs you here or elsewhere.

In the mean time, sit back, relax, and watch as a torrent of exhilarating content pours forth!

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