Faking It

Today I read with some distress that scenes from Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word were edited to make it appear that he caught several fish. He did no such thing.Distress not because I had just signed up Ramsay for a lucrative five-year spearfishing contract, but because of the statement from Channel 4 that:

the broadcaster took “such errors of judgement seriously” and was working with production company Optomen to ensure there was no repeat.

Perhaps the fact that this story was filed under “Entertainment” should be the giveaway clue: this is about as troubling as the use of stuntmen in action films, or identical twins to portray a single young child in a heartwarming soap opera. If such “errors of judgement” are to be taken “seriously”, will we not be left with utterly anaemic entertainment? Will all television be reduced to something like Blue Peter? (Oh, wait, never mind.)
The obvious reason for this banal mea culpa is the storm in a teacup over that documentary about the Queen. Yes, it was bad journalism, but an apology was issued, and that should be the end of the story. I’m a fan of the monarchy (on utilitarian grounds), but Betty is ill-served by calls for heads to roll.

Perhaps I’m a hypocrite, though. For eight years now, I’ve been selectively editing this blog to give me the appearance of a international playboy and raconteur. I apologise if you’ve been taken in.

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