mrry (Happy New Year)
Ducks I wanna sex you up 4/Jun/2003

A little Flash cartoon I worked up this evening. (Click here to see it). Tony Blair was just asking for this one, once he started messing around with Intelligence Reports....

Ducks Chapter 7 6/Jul/2002

After a long time away, I wrote this chapter when the ducks had become fashionable again, thanks in no small part to their discovery by The Bench Crew. And, to that end, I dedicate this chapter to them.

Ducks Chapter 6 31/Mar/2002

This one twinned the Head Duck's "unique" personality with a man I met at a bus stop on Union Street, who reminded me somewhat of him.

Ducks Chapter 5 25/May/2001

A little insight into the chain of command at our fictional academy.

Ducks Duckfight (Cartoon) 26/Apr/2001

The world of ducks may see idyllic to a casual outsider. However, few acknowledge the underground, obscenely-violent sport that is Duckfight! The Arthouse Cinema brings you undercover scenes of this most reprehensible pastime, filmed on a pond near you. And then made into a cartoon.



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