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Photos On Decline - Glasgow Zoo 20/Jul/2003

I visited Glasgow Zoo for the last time on the 17th of July, 2003. Its fate is now sealed, and it is due to close in the next two months.

I have no political standpoint about zoos, and this collection of photos does not attempt to make a point about the conditions in which the animals are held. Rather, it shows the tragedy of underinvestment in a once-thriving visitor attraction.

Apart from that, the photographs can do the talking.



Photos The Thrills and The Zutons 21/Jun/2003

And now, a review of The Thrills and The Zutons, at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, on Friday, 20th June, 2003.

And now, with all the keywords exhausted, on with the review....

I saw this very line-up the last time they played at King Tut's on the 6th of March, a mere week after being captivated by their debut single, Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far).

The support were called The Zutons, and for all we knew, they could be terrible. Fortunately they were excellent, as were the headliners.

As for last night, the excitement was palpable, and we were right at the front.

[As I'm writing this, I realise that I have absolutely no talent for music journalism. I can't really review a band's performance, or their songs. Sufficed to say, they were both absolutely excellent. I had an amazing time, and the two songs I had in my head on leaving were Rumblin' Ramblin' by The Zutons, and Big Sur by The Thrills. And I got setlists. And how. To see them in all their papery glory, click here.]



Photos A treat for the eyes 24/May/2003

It's not often I get out the camera and take some photos; but henceforth I shall do so every time I see something that appeals to my eye. And you, dear visitor shall be the benefactor, for I shall put it in this here gallery, just for you.

[Perhaps it's because I'm in a Belle and Sebastian-kind-of-mood today that I'm interested in taking pictures of clouds, but what can I say?]

Photos Good things about Edinburgh 25/Jan/2003

To all those who thought this day would never come, I bid an almighty "Ha!" Yes, there are some good things about Edinburgh, though not too many that cataloguing them wouldn't be a one man job.

Naturally, I will be updating this album if and when any other good things come to light, and if you can think of any, send me a photo at or leave a comment.

Photos California 20/Jul/2001

Last summer, I visited California for the second time. We toured southwards from San Francisco to San Diego, along the Pacific Coast Highway, and stopping along the way in Monterey, San Simeon, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.



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